Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Comfort Modification

The fabric sofa removed from the drivers side of Mona left a bare space behind Wayne's new chair so we looked into having a cabinet and desk built for it. 
The new Ekornes Stressless chair has proved to be a great investment and Wayne's back is much better because of it.

We were referred to Davis Cabinet for some ideas about how to remedy the "bare wall" syndrome. Davis Cabinets is just a few blocks from Innovative Coachworks in Junction City. 

It took almost two weeks to build the unit over the long July 4th holiday. We spent the time at River Bend RV Resort in Harrisburg again.  The weather has much improved and we're having less rain and more sunshine and warm temperatures.
Our July 4th visitor was this large rodent. We think it's a muskrat.
He is NOT afraid of us. Lexie barked at him.
Turns out the old saying "even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then" was true.  We didn't know until after installation but Davis Cabinets is arguably the finest custom cabinet maker in the country.  The elder Davis, now retired, was involved in establishing the woodworking shop in the old Monaco factory in nearby Coburg, Oregon.  These days, their custom products are in great demand and shipped around the country. 

Shaun and Amy Davis own and operate the business now and their staff does beautiful work.  The proof is in the photos below.
The corner desk before the removable smooth surface top is in place.

Josh installed the cabinet. 
It is complete with pull-out drawers for the laptop and the printer, locking file drawers and electrical outlets.

Lexie's photo is added here because she caused a little problem.
She scratched the bathroom door and that damaged would be repaired at Davis Cabinets too.

Sammy sanded Lexie's scratch damage.
Wayne looks on.

Sammy also prepared the smooth surface countertops for the new cabinet.

Installation nearly complete here.

The arrangement allows the chair to be moved close to the wall with space to recline.

Shaun Davis

Once the cabinet was in place, we returned to Innovative Coachworks to have Mona's dashboard camera monitor replaced.  It didn't completely remedy the camera operation problem but it did help. Dave installed the monitor, but the left camera operates intermittently.  The issue we face now has to do with the tiny new camera lenses today replacing the larger ones used just five years ago, when Mona was built. A good bit of customizing around the cameras would be required and we don't use the side cameras enough to justify the expense -- not to mention we're real ready to leave the area.
The old Weldex monitor didn't have a very clear display.

Work in process

Finished with the monitor.  Clearer picture.

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