Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrating Our First Year Full-Timing

July 1st Marks The Beginning of the Second Year!
This is the life of our dreams. It's simply delightful. We love it even more than we imagined we would.  We're blessed and fortunate and we never forget it. Good health, financial security, similar interests and temperaments, likes and dislikes.  God has been good to us.

Seeing America with my best friend can't be beat. Never knowing, or caring, what day it is -- much less the time of day is pretty good too. An early mutual decision was to go where we wanted -- when we wanted. We like that decision and stick with it -- No exceptions.
Moments of frustration? Sure. We've had some in this first year. Getting the coach stuck up to the axle was frustrating. The car rolling backward down a hill into a fish pond was somewhat distressing too.  Looking for the leak source in a cold, hard rainstorm wasn't much fun.  Sink drains do come loose and the sound of dishwater pouring onto the floor at 9 pm isn't music to our ears either. A hundred gallons of diesel at $5 a gallon ranks right up there with getting a root canal. But we managed...

Oh, but the good times do outweigh the bad! 

Technically, this is a wonderful time to be a full-time RV'er.  It's hard to imagine living on the road without the conveniences we enjoy.  These are things to which most people don't give much thought.  We knew we'd need to take advantage to all the technology available to us to keep life simple and mobile. 
Nearly all our personal business is handled via computer. Bank statements, investments, credit card accounts, even drivers license and vehicle registrations are renewed online.  Insurance forms and income tax are transmitted via the internet. We have two bank accounts and two credit card accounts. With a little research we found two banks that, combined, give us access to bank branches in every state. Satellite tv -- in high definition no less, keeps us watching television almost anywhere. Cell phone service keeps us in touch with family now that towers dot the nation and signals are hardly ever lost. The tiny amount of U.S. snail mail we get is managed by an agent and sent to us on demand.  My old, heavy scrapbooks have been replaced with the blog you're reading.  My digital photographs (love 'em so much) are all safely tucked away online too.  No film to process and unlimited numbers of pictures can be snapped. It's surprising how well photos look having been taken through the windshield.

And our dog... Lexie. What a joy she is to both of us. It's hard now to imagine why we waited so long to adopt and how we'd manage without her.  We call ourselves her "parents" --  It's great.

We meet so many wonderful people who share our interest in RV travel and we enjoy hearing and telling stories of RV adventures. Recommendation from others are considered for making decisions in our travel destinations.  Travel is the subject of choice for most RV'ers and we're right in there with the best of them now. 

Mona, the motorhome, has proven to be a wonderful coach choice and she provides all the space we really need. We continue to give her good care, an occasional washing and she keeps on rolling.  

Where do we go from here?  As usual, we're not sure and any answer we give today might change tomorrow.  One way to know is to check the weather:  if it's sunny and warm, we might be there. If it's rainy, snowy or cold, we're probably not there.

See ya down the road!

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