Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Day in Portland and An Afternoon With New Maltese Friends

Portland, Oregon is the most populated city in Oregon; more than half the residents of the entire state live there. We took a ride into the city yesterday.  Here's some of what we saw:
Don't know the name of the bridge in this photo but it is a nice backdrop for the city.

This huge, beautiful Union Station building is apparently being renovated.

Part of the port.

Passenger train, warehouse, water tower and bridge.
Taken somewhere around the Pearl District

Another nice scene in the Pearl District

Portland is a very liberal minded city.
Couldn't resist taking this one.

A quick drive into Washington and back.

While we've been at Crown Point RV Park in Corbet, we've enjoyed dog walks with another Maltese owner.  Debbie and Andre and Cruiser, their Maltese are in the area for several months each year and have a home in Florida.  We enjoyed visiting with them again today.  Cruiser is 18 months old and is the very opposite of Lexie.  He runs, barks and jumps everywhere. He is also a photo hog as you can see in the pictures below.
Cruiser has all 4 legs -- Like Lexie, he just holds one up to look cute.
In this photo, he's been rolling around on the ground and is wearing a leaf on his head.

Lexie is a little afraid of Cruiser's antics so this afternoon she keeps a safe distance and a fence between them.
Notice both Lexie and Cruiser hold one foot up in this picture too.

Cruiser with his pop, Andre, and his mom, Debbie

Debbie tries, in vain, I'm afraid, to get Lexie to "come"...

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