Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dental Check-up

Just because we're retired and living mobile doesn't mean we can forget those "all important" medical and dental check-ups.  Our really bad dental check-up experience in Eugene had to be forgotten and we still needed to have our teeth cleaned.  We made an appointment with a dentist in Gresham with Dr. Vicki Reichlien and were thrilled with the results.  Each of us had a single filling to be done so we had two visits to see Dr. Vicki.

Because we take Lexie everywhere we go, we took turns sitting with her in the car while the other was in the dental chair.  To our surprise, Christie, Dr. Vicki's office manager came to the car and invited Lexie into the office! 
Christie and Dr. Vicki Reichlien

The day of the fillings, Lexie took her rightful place in my lap and watched the goings on!  Seeing is believeing and we have the pictures. 
Yes, that's Lexie in the dentist's chair.

Whoa! What 'cha doin' to Mom?
What a great experience!

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  1. Indeed. No matter how old you are, it's always important to get those teeth checked up and cleaned. That way, they stay healthy - no matter how old a person is. Also, bringing a pet along seems like a nice way to boost morale when you feel uneasy during procedures like that.