Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Willamette Valley: Grass Seed Capitol of the World!

The west coast production facility of Monaco Coach is at Coburg, Oregon.  As Monaco owners (and lovers) we're excited and hope to take one of the daily tours! (Country Coach was here too -- until the recession killed them -- they are trying now to resuscitate.)

You know what else? Oregon has no sales tax!  Retiree delight!

More great news!  Oregon requires that all gasoline be "pumped" for customers!

Want more?  Oregon mandates that all the state's coastal land be accessible to the general public. That good for visitors who want to see the Pacific up close.

And even more news:  Harrisburg, Oregon is the grass seed capitol of the whole world!  Somehow, that does NOT excite me.

There's a well-known and respected RV repair facility at Junction City. There are some things on Mona that we'd like to change.  Cosmetic stuff mostly. Carpet to tile -- sofa to recliner, etc.  And the ever present ice dispenser problem should be checked.    We didn't do any of that.  We did decide to have a washer/dryer installed though.  It was on sale and without sales tax (thanks Oregon), it was just too good to pass up. The coach was pre-plumbed for laundry, but at first, we didn't mind doing it at the campground laundries -- all at once.  Lately, however, campground laundries have become a drag.  I'm glad we did it.

The first two nights were spent at River Bend RV Resort in Harrisburg. Thirty minutes after we pulled in, the rain came.  Cats and Dogs rain.  What's worse, the next day we found ourselves smack in the middle of a huge Country Coach / Prevost "Friendship" Rally.  It was somewhat less than "friendly" for us, being Monaco owners,  We relocated.  

Allow me to share some of the photos taken at River Bend as we were leaving.

Large, fairly nice facility. 
It's been taken over by the bank though and it has the appearance of being "not quite finished".

See that nice field of grass seed on the right?
Those are the only remaining campsites to be filled.  Believe me, they're going to be filled for the rally.
More Prevosts and more Country Coaches. 
The rest of us were "chopped liver"

This was parked beside us.  Yes, it has a veranda.
The wall drops down and outward to make the deck.
Three sliding glass doors open onto the veranda.

Still more Prevosts and Country Coaches...

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  1. When we grow up we MAY look like that too. I think us Monaco's should stick together. Let's Hook up and show them Big Boys how to party.
    Safe travels,
    The Martin
    PROUD Monaco Owners