Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ahhh! No More Campground Laundries!

This is my new Splendide All-In-One Washer / Dryer. Ain't she a honey?  My friend, Janis, saw they were on sale at Camping World and, knowing we were thinking of adding one, told me about it without delay. 

Oregon's absolutely marvelous "no sales tax" position made this purchase a "no brainer" and we snapped onto this sale -- having it installed at Camping World in Junction City.

But Weight! We're Overweight!

Don't worry. The new machine will wash clothes for overweight people too!

The morning we were scheduled to have the Splendide installed, we had the coach weighed. We're not talking about one of those "quickie" freight-hauling scale jobs. Oh no.  This weight check was done with precision scales individually measuring the weight of the coach on each of the four wheels.

Great news! Overall, the coach's weight is well below the load capacity.
Really good news! The front of the coach is underweight.
Bad news!  The rear of the coach is overweight by more than the front is underweight.
Really bad news!  Wayne's side of the rear of the coach is heaviest.  Those who know the Wayner know that he is a lifetime "clothes horse" and can hardly manage to part with a piece of fabric. Yes, his clothes habit was the original reason we did not have a washer/dryer installed.  He needed more clothes space.

So now we've added another 150 pounds of equipment to an already big rear end!

Nothing to do now but have a campsite yard sale.

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