Thursday, June 23, 2011

Overnight With Innovative RV AV Experts

Last April, when we bought Mona, we had a new TracStar In-Motion Satellite installed. We wanted to leave the portable DirecTV satellite dish behind. The "always elusive" satellite signal would be received with a push of the button. Because it was "in motion" the signal would nearly always be close by and readily available.

That was not always the case however... Most often we do receive a very good satellite signal.  However, when parked in certain situations, the signal might not be accessible. This doesn't happen often -- but it does happen.  In those cases we should be able to access cable tv in campgrounds where it might be offered, but we don't.  We can't get reception via the antenna either.  We don't know why. Unknowing amateurs that we are, we must rely on the advice and guidance of strangers most times.

Because we had a few hours to spare this week, we stopped in at Innovative Coachworks in Junction City to see if they could make whatever adjustments were needed or give us a quick lesson in what we might be doing wrong.
Innovative Coachworks RV AV Experts
Corner of 3rd and Ivy in Junction City, Oregon

Matt Rossiter, the owner of Innovative Coachworks, offered to help us out if we'd bring the coach by his business location in Junction City. 
Matt Rossiter owns the business.
Nice fellow. Family business. He and his wife are parents of triplets!

Matt proved to be very courteous and knowlegable, offering to coach us through the maze.  He reminded us that our television sets were "pre-hd" sets though. We talked at length about the options available to us.  In the end, we opted to have Innovative Coachworks install a new television system in the "head banger" area. That's the front space over the dashboard. 
Parked for the night in the service yard of Innovative Coachworks

As a courtesy, Matt offered to take his truck down the street to pick-up our new Stressless recliner while Dave (also of Innovative Coachworks) began work on removing the old tv and working on the wiring. In getting the electronics work done, we were missing an appointment to get the chair we'd already selected.
Dave, on the left and Matt, on the right, are brothers.

"Now how does this work again?"

What a mess!  This is the empty "head banger" box.

The project wasn't finished at the end of the workday so Dave wired a tv set for us to watch while we stayed overnight in the locked service yard of Innovative Coachworks.   We call it the prison yard because we're locked in surrounded by chain link with barbed wire on top.  That night, Wayne enjoyed tv from his new Stressless recliner.
This is how we looked at the end of the day.

Lexie, on the other hand, was nervous all day and well into the evening. The new chair would take some getting used to.  Strange people and voices seem to cause her a lot of anxiety.  She and I went to bed early to be ready for the work to be completed the next day.

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