Saturday, June 4, 2011

It Never Rains In California...

Eleven months of retirement travel have been in near perfect weather. Rain, sure. But not in so many continuous rainy and/or cold days as we've endured in Northern California.  It began mid-May while we were in Redding. Mind you, I can take rainy and cool days -- even enjoy rainy days. But so many cold and rainy days can be maddening.

Finding no way out of the bad weather, we waited it out.  Finally, on Saturday afternoon, the long range weather forecast indicated the northwestern coast would be clearing and warm for several days. We resumed our original plan and made a bee-line head-on into cold rain through northwestern Nevada and back into California (where it never rains). From Reno we drove due east to Yuba City and near Donner Pass.

Approaching the gap between Tahoe and El Dorado National Forests
Somewhere around the Donner Pass area.
Tahoe National Forest
More snow and rain and it's June already.
Mount Shasta shrouded in clouds. 
A surprise break in cloud cover allowed this quick sighting of the snow capped peak.
We finally completed the mountainous crossing and headed north through Chico to Red Bluff and through Redding again, where, surprisingly, the rain seemed to be ready to stop.
We stayed in Yreka Monday night, June 6 and awoke on June 7 to beautiful sunshine in a bright blue sky and temperatures in the 70's.  Oh joy.  Today's travel will take us to Grants Pass, Oregon.

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