Thursday, November 11, 2010

Waiting Out the Repair at Hardridge Creek

The battery charger is sitting in the inverter's spot. 
With it we learned our batteries are not holding a charge.
 Here's the update to our energy management breakdown:  The inverter had to be removed and returned to the manufacturer in Washington state.  We bought a battery charger to use while the inverter is being repaired and the Camping World folks installed it yesterday afternoon.  With this rigging, we're unable to dry camp so we won't get to go to the Auburn / Georgia game this weekend as we cannot "invert" power from the batteries.   Don't know how long we'll be like this...

We returned to the Walter F George Lake area to wait out the repair time.  Another Corp of Engineers campground, Hardridge Creek, is on the southern tip of the lake, at Abbyville, Alabama, near Fort Gaines, Georgia.

View Hardridge Creek Park Day Use in a larger map
Our site has water to the rear, woods to the front, patio privacy and a great satellite signal.

Walter F. George Lake

View of our patio.

The campground is really nice, as was White Oak Creek two weeks ago and it's the same good price.
Time to clean the windshield.

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