Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How It All Works

Shore power: 50 amp, 30 amp with adaptor -  alternating current, direct current - house battery, coach battery - inverted battery power - propane and generator. Oh! I'll never understand it all!

All these things make power to keep our coach warm in winter -- cool in summer.  We had to learn all about these terms in order to cook, watch tv, keep cool and warm, have lights at night and sleep under our cozy electric blanket. 

And that's a whole different chapter from the one about managing the water; clean, dirty and yes, toilet water.  But the water system is for another time. Today it's all about power -- or the lack thereof.

Sometimes bad things happen to good coaches (and people) and their power management systems.  This sophisticates system should allow us to live with or without electric power, using some battery power directly and converting some battery (DC) power into AC power.

Well that system has managed to go bad.  It's been "acting up" for several months, but now it's persistent and we have to stop for a fix.  Now that can be really problematic since we live in this thing full-time.  We've driven the 45 short miles from Eufaula to Dothan, Alabama to see about the repair.  It could mean staying here in the Camping World parking lot (hooked to their electric and water) while parts are ordered, received and installed.  Bummer.

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