Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Etouffee: Walking Through the Bayou; Looking for 'Gators

Our 2010 Thanksgiving dinner was homemade shrimp etouffee and it was d-licious!  We had two helpings each and had just two cooking pans to wash. That's important since we don't have sewer connections here at the National Seashore Campground.  After dinner we took a nice long walk to search for wildlife.  We had seen an alligator and some large turtles as we drove in yesterday. We want a closer look...
Getting ready to go for the daily walk

One of the bayou areas inside the park

Along the nature trail.

Looking for 'gators

So, let's see a 'gator already!


This ole 'gator is a regular here. He's about 10' long.

Eating his Thanksgiving meal. Whatever it was -- it was large!

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