Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Bear Deterrant Spray Experience

 Campgrounds, particularly state and national parks are terrific to explore, but sometimes I don't feel safe without some kind of protection.  That's why I ordered a canister of bear spray to carry when I'm out walking.  Last week, while collecting firewood, I had my trusty bear spray in hand when...

I bent over to pick up a large branch of wood.  The trigger was accidently depressed and the spray went harmlessly onto the ground beside me. 

Later that afternoon, after shaking some small stones from my shoes, I touched my upper lip.  Within seconds, my mouth was burning.  Later I scratched my eyelid and thought I surely would go blind from the intense pain.  I looked in the mirror -- nothing to see. I washed my hands.  Twice.  What could it be?  I used cold cream and then cool tap water to try to stop the burning.  Nothing worked. Without thinking, I touched my lip again.  More burning.

Sometime during the nighttime hours, I woke up and thought about the burning.  I remembered the accidental spray of the bear deterrant.  It must have sprayed onto my shoe -- then I touched the shoe to shake out the stones.   I had washed my hands but it took several washings to get the spray off.

I'll be more careful with my bear spray.  Maybe I'll buy myself a bear spray holster.

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