Friday, November 26, 2010

Davis Bayou at Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Mississippi's District of the Gulf Islands National Seashore includes the Davis Bayou Area which is between Pascagoula and Biloxi. The bayou is on the mainland while the Gulf Islands National Seashore itself is, of course, part of the barrier island group off the coast.

Driving over we drove west along I-10, through Mobile. We saw two large alligators along the roadway. When we arrived here at the National Park, the weather was mild and sunny, but rain is due to arrive within a few days, followed by much cooler temperatures. This campground is small, some 50 campsites. We chose one that suits us and got settled in early afternoon.

Wednesday was a day of exploration as we drove west along the beach highway, going through Biloxi and Gulfport. We passed the area of Keesler Air Force Base and saw more of the "supposed" oil removal all along the beach area. I say "supposed" because every worker we've seen so far has been sitting in a chair. Still more plastic bags everywhere. Equipment strewn all over the place and still more porta-potties.

We traveled this road back in the mid-1990's and it has changed dramatically since then. This is the work of the hurricanes. There are numerous sites along the way where houses used to be but are not longer. Some lots still have brick or concrete steps, driveway entrances and other signs that homes had been there. Many lots are for sale. Surprisingly, there are still many beautiful old live oak. Some have been damaged, you can tell, but they are still there. Tree stumps that remain since hurricanes blew some trees away have been worked into carvings and look nice, but have a strange look and made me sad as I do love trees.

The home of President Jefferson Davis is along the beach road -- it's still there but we didn't stop to see it. Because of the fence along the roadway, I couldn't take a photo either.

Lighthouse at Gulfport -- decorated for Christmas

Mississippi Gulf Coast Highway
Entry to the National Park

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