Monday, September 13, 2010

Riding through New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York

Entry to Twin Rivers Campground, Bath, New Hampshire
When we left Twin Rivers Campground in Bath, New Hampshire, we crossed the Connecticut River into Vermont and began a day-long drive south along a beautiful stretch of interstate highway. I watched for opportunities to snap pictures of fall foliage again -- and again getting mostly blurs of color. There were a few good pictures though.

The ride was particularly nice and we stopped for fuel and picked up some Popeye's fried chicken with red beans and rice for lunch. Our first greasy indulgence in a great long while.

We drove down I-91 through the afternoon traffic in Springfield and then on into and through Hartford, Connecticut where we turned westward onto I-84 to Waterbury and then Danbury.  Still early in the day, we made our way on into New York, stopping finally in Fishkill (love that name!) New York where we parked and slept in the parking lot of the Sam's Club / Walmart property.

Somewhere in Vermont, I think.

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