Monday, September 13, 2010

Country Bumpkins at Country Bumpkins and Twin Rivers in Bath, New Hampshire

By early afternoon of Labor Day 2010, Sept  6th we arrived at our new campground destination, Country Bumpkins at Lincoln, New Hampshire. The summer and holiday rush was over and we settled into our campsite immediately adjacent to the kiddie playground area.
A nice little spot notwithstanding the proximity to Kiddieland.
After dinner we made one last attempt to find moose -- taking a car drive back up the Franconia Notch Parkway at dusk.  No luck. Pity.

On Tuesday we drove the area found the Energy Management Systems repair location who suggested we come to the Twin Rivers Campground in Bath, NH to have the system checked and wait for any parts that might need to be ordered and shipped in.  Upon return to our site at Country Bumpkins Campground that afternoon, we found our new friends, DJ and Tom, would be coming in that evening. We met them at Shady Oaks and we look forward to visiting again.  They pulled in just about dinnertime, so we invited them to eat with us.  As luck has it, I got sick and missed everything.  The next day we pulled out and resettled in Twin Rivers at Bath just to learn our system checked out okay.  We would stay on here two nights and watched the Auburn game win over Mississippi State. 

Tom and DJ taken at Twin River Campground, Bath, NH
We had satellite for the TV  but no cell or internet air card service at this campground.  We met up again on Friday morning, Sept 10, with Tom and DJ as they were leaving the White Mountain area in route to St George, NY.

It's really nice to make and visit with friends along the road.

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