Monday, September 27, 2010

Indiana, Pennsylvania: Home of Jimmy Stewart

On our crawl in a quasi-southern direction, we took a series of federal, state and county roads off the beaten path.  Here is some of what we saw:

Plenty of colorful foliage and apple festivals in these parts. 

We drove through the Allegeny National Forest
 We went to Wheel-In Campground where we stayed two nights in a mostly deserted campground.  With school in session and cool, damp weather, we nearly have the park to ourselves. 

Our GPS really let us down this time. 
We weight 21.5 tons!
We had to unhook the car and back big Mona up the road!

We're really not "movie star groupies" but decided to add the small town of Indiana, Pennsylvania to our itinerary when we learned it was the hometown of the actor, Jimmy Stewart.

Wayne wanted to steal Harvey

This statue of Jimmy Stewart is in front of the court house

Indiana, Pennsylvania is an old town with a long history of service to the country.  We were impressed by the honor paid to their servicemen...

Jimmy Stewart was born here and lived here until he went off to college at Princeton.  The museum was packed with personal, family and movie memorabilia.

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