Monday, August 24, 2015

Pop Goes The Diesel

From Nashville I-24 Campground, Smyrna, Tennessee    With the air conditioner replacement complete, Wayne and I channeled all our worry into the engine problem during our last three days at Spring Lake RV Resort in Crossville. On Thursday, July 30 we left, heading to Nashville I-24 Campground in Smyrna, Tennessee. We look forward to seeing family and friends, including Donna, who manages the park.

Once settled into our campsite, we got in a visit with Cam, Amy and the twins. They are over two years old now, and while they don't have much of a vocabulary, they have plenty to say. I don't understand a word of it. We brought books and a new bowling set as gifts for them. I'm sure the parents were thrilled to have us bring in more stuff...

Granddaddy giving the first bowling lesson.

At Cumberland International
Ready for engine work. 

On Friday, July 31st, Wayne had bloodwork done for his 3-month medical follow-up to see if the cholesterol lowering medication was doing its job. A quick check from the doctor on Tuesday of the next week reports all is well. Hallajuah.

Our Monday morning appointment for engine repair at Cumberland International got pushed back to Tuesday when the Cummins mechanic took an unplanned vacation day. Finally, at 8 o'clock Tuesday morning, August 4th, we pulled Endie into the bay for diagnostics. That was followed by three days of waiting for parts to arrive.

Monday, August 10th, the engine work was to be done, but to our dismay the wrong parts were ordered. Another few days of waiting and then, on Wednesday, the major Cummins engine work was completed. (Interesting how delivery of these parts took only one day but that's another story.) 

After a full day of repairs Wednesday, August 12th, a final diagnostic run showed an additional item to be checked so we had to come back yet again, Thursday morning. Turned out that reading was nothing of consequence and we breathed a great sigh of relief. The engine is under Cummins warranty so our "out of pocket" expense for this work was limited to the routine maintenance items -- a mere $700 or so.  In the great scheme of motorhome repairs, that's not bad... Thank goodness. 

Ours is a Cummins ISL 425 diesel engine, not MaxxForce -- but here we sit in the MaxxForce bay.
No shore power, no sun for solar energy and we couldn't run the generator inside the garage so we're on battery power alone which didn't last nearly long enough.
Cumberland International does not have facilities for overnight parking so for each day of repair, we hauled big Endie from Smyrna to Murfreesboro and back again. What's worse was the greasy mess the repairman tracked down the center of the coach to get to the engine in the rear. 

How to minimize grease tracking into one's home.
Each morning before taking Endie into the shop, we rolled and stowed all our rugs and I covered the co-pilot seat and our bed with sheets. On returning to the campground after each day of engine repairs, I swept, then ran the dry swiffer over the tile floor, then followed that with mopping. It was a dreadful chore especially after being displaced all day but it would have hard for me to complain as I'm sure the mechanic didn't want to be there any more than I wanted him there.

Most of Cumberland International's diesel work is done on trucks though they do motorhome engine repairs too.
Their motorhome business won't grow without hookups and some overnight parking spaces though, I'm afraid.
When the engine work was finished, we stopped by American Tire in Murfreesboro for an all around tire check.
Wayne keeps a close watch on the tires and will replace them before next summer's travel. For for now, we are officially Good to Go!
Over the second weekend in Smyrna, we got in a Sunday afternoon visit with both sons but didn't get to play golf with them as we had hoped. Wayne and I did play a single, 9-hole round the first week while we enjoyed some unseasonable pleasant daytime temperatures. That was a great bonus as summer in the south can be brutal. 

A day for cleaning golf equipment.
Lexie and Ozzie enjoy exploring the truck bed.

While at Nashville I-24 Campground, we discovered a new favorite site and relocated into it. It has a bit more shade and privacy than the ones we usually reserve. Good for summer!

Lexie and Ozzie like being at Nashville I-24 Campground as they get to play with Molly, Donna's dog and they have the run of the office and small apartment. Donna and I plan "play dates" for them while we visit.

Lexie and Ozzie also gets gobs of treats when they visit Donna and Molly.....

Molly and Ozzie taking treats.
Lexie is too afraid to come close.

One final photograph at Nashville I-24 Campground. I took this one late in the afternoon of our last day there. It's a favorite of mine although Donna doesn't like that I'm posting it. She'll get over it.

Donna with (Left to right) Molly, Lexie and Ozzie.
We were in Smyrna a total of 15 days. On Friday, August 14th we broke camp and traveled to New Market, Alabama to be with my sister-in-law and twin nieces to celebrate what would have been my brother's 65th birthday and the twin nieces' 39th birthday -- on Aug 15 and 13th respectively.

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