Saturday, August 29, 2015

Making Sense Of Motion Sensors

We have truly enjoyed our new truck. It's a 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat. It's big enough to carry all our stuff in the bed and it is spacious inside. It rides wonderfully, has great options and it feels safe. I like being up high too.

But we were starting to think we'd made a terrible mistake in buying it. The alarm horn is horribly loud and seems to be completely out of control. It seems Ford's new sophisticated and highly intelligent security system can't be turned off. Wayne spent countless hours with the owners manual to come to this conclusion. The loud horn blowing has become a real irritant.

One of the greatest problems is that there are motion sensors inside the cab. This means the dogs cannot be left in the truck. We don't often leave them there but they go everywhere with us and on days when the sun doesn't shine and the temperature is low, we leave the window cracked to eat lunch sometimes

This week we began investigating the possibility of disarming the system. We went to two Chattanooga, Tennessee Ford dealers. They say it simply cannot be done. Wayne announced that he will consider trading the truck. Injury is added to insult with the cost of parts and installation of the base plate and wiring, the factory painted Tonneau cover and the bed liner.  Our truck had begun to seem like a great white elephant.

But alas! We shall not be deterred.  I posted the dilemma on Facebook and one of our friends suggested putting black electrical tape over the sensors. Wayne was a bit skeptical but we did it and it works!

This is a photo of the truck's overhead console with black electrical tape covering the sensors.
Easily removed and replaced as needed for security -- just keep a roll of tape in the glove box. 
We're in love with our new truck again.

No longer known as a white elephant. 

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