Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paradise Found: Part II - Lake Powell

Lake Powell. A nice big clear blue lake. What to do with it?  Seems there's plenty here at Lake Powell but let's start with houseboats. That's the really big thing. Timeshares and rentals for weekend and week-long camping excursions along 186 miles of lake and 2,000 mile shoreline. There are 96 major waterway canyons to explore and houseboating seems like a great way to do it. One terrific national monument that I missed seeing is accessed only by the water -- Rainbow Bridge.
Wayne with binoculars overlooking the lake
Then there are powerboats -- all lengths, pontoon boats, jet ski's water ski's, paddleboards, kneeboards and disks, tubes and kayaks.  Boat tours are popular too and they range from 2 hours to 8 hours.

Lake Powell stretches across Arizona and Utah. It's tributaries include the Escalente and San Juan rivers. Lake Powell is named for Civil War veteran Major John Wesley Powell who explored the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon in 1869.

So much for the lake, now let me show you around Wahweap Campground -- our home for now.

Wahweap Marina is just down the hill from the campground.

Late afternoon view from the campground across Lake Powell 
This lake view includes the Glen Canyon Dam on the far right. 
Near sunset the rocks change colors. 

Great dog walking.  There's Pop with Lexie and Ozzie 
Another view.

There's plenty more to keep visitors busy around Page, Glen Canyon and Wahweap Marina.  Stay with me, I'll take you along tomorrow if you'd like.

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