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Museum of the Pacific, Admiral Nimitz and Our Personal Memory of Fredricksburg

Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz was born in Fredricksburg, Texas near the hotel location in the photograph below. The original hotel was built by his grandfather, who had been a sea captain. Very little of the original hotel stands in the structure that's here today. Nevertheless, it is worth seeing as we will include it in our day visit to the Museum of the Pacific in this block of downtown Fredricksburg. We had visited Admiral Nimitz's grave when we were in San Francisco a few years ago. He is buried in the same cemetery as Wayne's Uncle Hansel.
Nimitz Hotel 
The Museum of the Pacific was a much more informative museum, in our opinion, than the National World War II (D-Day) Museum in New Orleans that we visited in March. A single ticket grants 48 hour access to the museum, the outside displays and the Nimitz Hotel property, which is a museum to the Nimitz family. Wayne spent quite a bit of time inside while the pups and I strolled around outside in the memorial courtyard and the Japanese Garden of Peace.

Wayne at the Plaza of Presidents
Museum of the Pacific
The Plaza of Presidents in the photo above are part of the Museum of the Pacific. They represent 10 consecutive United States Presidents' service during World War II.  They are: Franklin D Roosevelt (Commander in Chief),  Harry Truman (Army), Dwight Eisenhower (Army), John Kennedy (Navy), Lyndon Johnson (Navy), Richard Nixon (Navy), Gerald Ford (Navy), Jimmy Carter (Navy), Ronald Reagan (Army) and George Bush (Navy).

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Died February 20, 1966
He held the Distinguished Service Medal with 2 gold stars
In an earlier post, I mentioned that Wayne and I had been to Fredricksburg, Texas by necessity when Hurricane Rita evacuated the entire city of Houston on the heels of Hurricane Katrina.  My mother, who was in her 80's, lived with us in Houston and her health left us no choice to take her out of harms way.  

Wayne drove for 21 hours without rest in snarled traffic north from Houston.  It was morning of the second day when we stopped in at a Bed & Breakfast reservation office in Fredricksburg. They knew of a single location that could take us for a few days of rest.  The cabin in the picture below is where the three of us stayed until Hurricane Rita passed. Mom slept in the single bed on the lower level. Wayne and I slept in the loft.
The cabin was built in Pennsylvania and moved to Fredricksburg 

Inside the cabin. It is decorated differently than the days we stayed here. 

This Fredricksburg property is for sale now. We gained access the the interior of the cabin when we caught a real estate agent showing the property to a prospective buyer.   

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