Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chrome Step Covers. Oh Yeah.

When I announced to a group of friends at the Tampa RV Show that I wanted chrome step covers for our coach, my comment got a big hearty laugh, followed by a flood of jokes.  "And then Wayne can get wide whitewall tires all 'round" and "coon tail for the antenna" were two lines I remember. 

Well, I got my chrome step covers anyway and yesterday I installed them.  The process was simple and the result was as beautiful, maybe more, than I thought it would be.

Let me show you...

Our original steps.  All cleaned and dry.
Not bad but just needing a little chrome.

First step is to remove the sandpaper grit anti-slip coverings. 
This left a sticky residue but that works to help hold the new chrome step covers.

Placement of the chrome step cover is practiced a few times before removing the adhesive strip covers.
Gotta get it right the first time.

Next, the white protective paper must be peeled away to reveal the nice shiny chrome step cover.

Cover removed.  Oooh, it's shiny.

It's best that I sit on my fanny to finish this project. 
My knees and ankles were aching.

Both step covers are in place here and the kickplate is applied to the painted strip below the door.
Notice it is time for Wayne to emerge from inside the coach. 
He knows how to avoid the sticky situations.

"There's an air bubble under this rubber strip," he said.  "I'll press it out."   Gee thanks.

Now, if Wayne was inside, who took the pictures of my chrome step installation?  That would be our neighbor and friend, Nancy.  We were joined by another neighbor friend, Mark.  He provided scarcastic remarks.
Mark owns the Pinnacle fifth-wheel across the street.
Nancy is my neighbor next door and my partner in this effort.  Thanks, Nancy!

During this creative moment, I decided to spray paint my white 3M plastic wall hooks.
They got two coats of hammered gold spray and they look much nicer now. 
Wayne didn't help in this project either. 
It turned out to be a very productive day and I love the new chrome step covers and kickplate! 

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