Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Tampa RV Show: Day 2, Friday

Temperature: 68 and overcast - The weather today wasn't as nice as we'd hoped it would be, but sure was better than yesterday. We enjoyed a second day of the RV show once again loading Lexie and Ozzie into their stroller, today snugly wrapped in their fleece jackets with the cover zipped to keep strangers from touching them too much.

We strolled through the second vendor exhibit building during the morning and then made our way through Camping World before lunch, which was not as good today as the steak burger we shared yesterday. 

He was a long, tall Texan....

Outside one of the buildings, I ran across a woman who had a tiny Yorkie on a leash and I saw the little dog was trembling as it tried to keep away from the crowds.  I had decided a long time ago to find a new use for the Outward Hound carrier we'd bought for Lexie in Yuma during the first winter we had her (pre Ozzie, of course).  I had the carrier in the bottom of the stroller and asked the woman if she wanted it.  She did and the little Yorkie made a perfect fit into the tiny pouch.   I was happy.

The happy ending to our Outward Hound pet carrier.
Serious comparison shopping...
The vendors who sell heavy and bulky items here often offer delivery to the customer's car or coach so when Wayne bought the new grooming table and some door mats, he accepted the ride to have them delivered. 
I always feared he'd run off with a young blonde.
While Wayne was stowing the purchases, I enjoyed bagpipe music again.  
I also found another couple of purchases.
The second half of the day we spent looking through motorhomes and thankfully, finding none that stole our heart away from our new Endeavor.  Later in the afternoon, I snapped these pictures of some smaller campers.

At the end of the day we hosted happy hour at our coach and enjoyed visiting with friends again. 

Tomorrow's weather is expected to be a bit warmer with some sunshine.

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