Friday, February 1, 2013

What Happens At The Campground Stays At The Campground

At the opposite end of the campground spectrum from Pleasant Lake in Bradenton is the seasonal crowd here at Seminole.  Wayne and I have found ourselves in the midst of a wonderfully ridiculous group of people and we're having a fabulous time.

Yesterday afternoon one of the residents, Cheryl, had a birthday.  The lesson learned from Cheryl's birthday is to keep one's birthday secret.   I'll try to name the culprits in this photo, but could possibly get some names wrong. Doesn't matter.  The group had a great time and I was happy to handle photography.

This is Cheryl. Notice the look of apprehension.
Cheryl had the misfortune of letting her birth date be known.
That's us in the background. Wayne is holding Ozzie. Lexie is in the chair.
This photo was taken in front of Ken and Nancy's motorhome.
The golf cart (common among RV'ers for some reason) belongs to Janie (at the wheel) and her husband Mark.
Several of the industrious neighbors decorated the golf cart with balloons and paper streamers.
The object of this exercise is to drive the Birthday Girl (poor Cheryl) around the campground....
with the horn blowing, driving her to the point of extreme humiliation and embarrassment.  It worked, I'm sure.
Janie and Nancy are in front (completely out of control) and on the rear:  Louise, Cheryl (Birthday Girl) and Joyce.
Mark (in front) is probably worried about the golf cart by now. 

Linda joined the front seat group and off they go... horn honking, birthday songs in tow.
Just before supper, Wayne took Lexie and Ozzie for a walk. It's a pleasant afternoon.

Chery's birthday celebration into the night with a campfire where brownies and ice cream were served.
 I'm going to weigh 500 pounds by the month's end.
Lexie and Ozzie didn't like that we left them alone so they found several papers to destroy and consume.
We'll have interesting potty for a few days.
Unfortunately, I fear I let my upcoming birth date be known recently when I learned that Nancy's birthday is close to mine.  I don't think they'll forget. Can't imagine what pranks will be played on me. Horrors.

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