Friday, January 25, 2013

Southwest Florida: Seminole Campground in North Fort Myers

Those who know Wayne and me know that we are reluctant reservationists.  I suppose we just have a hard time with commitment but we rarely make campground reservations.  A couple of reasons for this logic; first being that most campground do not refund. We're stingy and can't stand the thought of forfeiting a deposit.  Second: we don't having to be somewhere at a particular time.  If we pass something we want to see or do, we like to have the flexibility to do it.  Third: it's important to be able to leave quickly if we don't like a campground -- and let's face it, you just never know.

Coming to Florida, particularly south Florida, in winter, without reservations is bold. Every wintering RV'er who doesn't go to Arizona seems to come to south Florida. But we are bold!  And we're not afraid to park at a truck stop for the night if we find ourselves in a bind. We'll spend several winter months this year, like last, bumming around in south Florida's mild sub-tropical sunshine without huge campground commitments.  I know it seems sick but we're comfortable doing it this way.

We left Tampa after the RV show without a clue where we'd stay the night. We pulled over for lunch and made a phone call to a campground we heard about last year.  It's in North Fort Myers, just a stone's throw from the dreaded place where we spent a week last year.  We made a call and sure enough, there's a space for us for a night or until the end of January.  Surprisingly, the rate is reasonable too!

Our site at Seminole Campground
What a pleasant surprise we found at this quaint campground.  Clean and neat with plenty of moss covered trees and large new concrete pads at every site. The interior roadways are crushed shell and small pebble, but the dust seems to be well managed and is watered down every afternoon.  We like what we've found.

There are a few cats that roam freely around the park.
This was taken the afternoon we arrived just before we got their playpen set up.

Seminole Campground is so pleasant we've decided to check into a month long stay. Sure enough, our timing is good as the folks who were scheduled to come in on February 1st, sadly, have taken ill.

The sites are close together but very nice with a strip of grass.
 The neighbors in the new Bounder beside us, Nancy and Ken, stopped in for a few minutes to welcome us. 

Just like last year, the Fort Myers RV Show follows immediately after the Tampa Show and is scheduled for this coming weekend. Of course, we must attend... My itch from last year has been scratched so I don't need to go into every single unit. This year, Wayne is the sucker... In and out. In and out. And so it goes.

There's Wayne coming out of a Rockwood fifth-wheel making space for the line waiting to go in.

Later he checked out all the Tiffin diesels..  Phaeton, Allegro Bus and Zephyr.
He likes them all this year -- much more than last year's display models.

A walk through the Camping World display gives him a rest in one of the Papasan chairs.

I think this was in one of the Monaco coaches.

Alas! A rare photo of me.  Only because I asked.

I think this was a Winnebago coach. 
Ah ha! Caught him off guard.

These lightweight, recycled plastic lights were interesting. I saw them at the Tampa show too.
Pretty and not expensive but where do you store it on travel days?  I almost bought one except for the storage issue.

Another look into Entegra's Cornerstone coach.
Lee Civic Center, where the Fort Myers RV Show is held, does not allow pets on the premises, so without Lexie and Ozzie, we made an abbreviated visit but had our hands stamped in case we wanted to return.  

Once we got home, I realized Wayne is actually seriously considering a trade.  More about that as developments occur.  I expect him to return to his senses anytime. 

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