Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 Tampa RV Show: Day 3, Saturday

Temperature - High 70's and mostly sunny    Tampa's weather finally cooperated today as the sun shone brightly most of the day and temperatures reached the 70's before noon.  Ahhhh..... Glorious.

We left Lexie and Ozzie in the coach this morning and made our way into Suppliers Exhibit Building A to proceed with purchasing a few things we'd decided to buy.  On my list... the chrome step covers, an "over the shower" towel rack, a grooming table and a new shade attachment for the awning. Wayne's list included the Little Giant Extreme Ladder, some attachments for it and a surge protector. 

The chrome step cover exhibit was the first stop and then, naturally, I found the chrome steps would look even better with a nice chrome kickplate!  Ooooh..... better think about it a few minutes.  We stepped next door to the Little Giant exhibit booth to learn all the ladders had been sold already.  Uh oh. No sale.  A quick measurement of the towel rack caused it to be stricken from the list.  Too wide. 

Next stop: surge protector.  It had been a good buy...but alas!  All sold out!  Aaarrgg!   Wayne's second choice surge protector was available but could only be installed on Monday morning ... the day after the show closes.  Wayne would not commit to the purchase as he wants to leave the area early on Monday morning.  He will think about it.  Meanwhile, we walked back to the chrome step cover exhibit where we'll get the kickplate along with the step covers.  As the chrome step covers and kickplate are heavy, we decided to take them back to the coach and return to check on the awning shade after meeting another vendor and having lunch.

A window tint guy was due to come by at noon to give us an estimate on putting a strip of dark tint across the bottom of the windshield.  The way the dashboard and windshield come together leaves a gap where dust, dead bugs and small trash items can get trapped and become unsightly when looking into the windshield from the outside.  I've been looking to find a tint person willing to take on the project.  It won't be an easy job, I think.  At any rate, the tint guy called about the time we got back to the coach to say he had already stopped by to see it and can be here Sunday morning at 8:30 to do the job.  We'll see.

As it turned out, we remained at the coach the rest of the afternoon. We both napped, relaxed and trimmed Lexie's toenails. 

Our lives are so exciting. And we love it.

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