Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sacred Rocks Reserve in Boulevard, California

Boulevard, California has a population of less than 1,500 and the locals affix "Where The Hell is Boulevard?" stickers to their vehicles.  It's about 30 miles west of El Centro and is a stone's throw from the Mexican border. Interestingly, most everything, billboards and the like, are in English, not Spanish.

Sacred Rock Reserve is a Bureau of Land Management 163 acre parcel of rocky, hilly land.  At Sacred Rocks Reserve Campground, campers can hike, rock climb and see a 500 year old Live Oak tree.  Formerly known as Outdoor World RV Park, the area is fully natural and even gets all the water used in the campground (including ice sold at the camp store) from an underground aquifer.

We stayed two nights here in route to San Diego.  It is quiet and somewhat dusty, but the soil is sandy and easy for Lexie to manuver. The three of us hiked a short distance inside the reserve, to an area known as Look Out Rocks, where we viewed surrounding rocky hillsides. 

The nights are cool (40's) and the days are warm (70's).
Entrance to Sacred Rocks Reserve

Our campsite among the Live Oak trees.

Lexie is taking in the view from Look Out Rock

Lexie rock climbingat Look Out Rock

Wayne and Lexie challenging one another to make the first move.

Mom finally takes charge!
Leaving here, we'll move on to San Diego. We're having a wonderful time, hardly ever know the date, much less the time of day and enjoying retirement more than we ever even imagined! 

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