Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reaching The Pacific Ocean, Finally!

Our March 30th arrival in San Diego was greeted by simply spectacular afternoon weather and our Mission Bay RV Resort campground choice was excellent! It was good to see lush landscaping and soft, green grass. 
Mission Bay RV Resort entrance
Mission Bay Resort is situated along the water between two mobile home communities with walkways along the water edge with nice views.  As the name implies, it is very near the Pacific Ocean and centrally located so we'll be well-positioned for the day trips we have planned.
Our walk - the first evening.

Just before sunset.
We're on Pacific Time here. 

This photo is taken from across the bay. Our campground is on the left side of the picture.
The walkway runs along the length of coast to the right.

The first morning we loaded the car for a day excursion to see some of the closest sights, saving the more distant destinations for the weekend. First stop was Sunset Cliffs near Ocean Beach on the way south to Point Loma.

He lives dangerously. 
Oh no! Don't jump!

Having a really bad hair day!
Should have had my hat here.

At Point Loma we continued our drive along the scenic route until the roadway took us up a steep hill into a residential neighborhood. From a cul-de-sac we snapped a few nice shots.
Surfers are everywhere as are bicyclist, rollerbladers, skateboarders,
volleyball players, runners, hang-gliders, etc!

Another beautiful view of the Pacific!
This one from a local park.

Views of San Diego City are found from many of the neighborhood hillsides.
Here you can see the city, through the smoggy haze in the distance.
 We continued south along the strand from Point Loma to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. It was an army installation during WWII.
This national cemetery is really more impressive than Arlington, we think.
It covers both sides of the strand, is beautifully groomed and the views are beautiful.

This view looks back to the Naval Base and the city.
(Note the smoggy haze over the city again)

I think Rosecrans National Cemetery land plots are all taken as there seems to be no more space on the ground.
The Columarium (the wall covered with plaques) apparently contain ashes of the deceased, but I'm not sure.
We left the peaceful setting of Rosecrans National Cemetery and proceeded on down to the end of the peninsula to see the Tidepools and the Cabrillo National Monument. The scenery driving down the mountain to see the Tidepools was spectacular!

The drive down to see the Tidepools.

Wayne "on the rocks" if you please.

At high tide, the area where I'm standing is completely covered by the ocean.
While the tide is low the air here is hot and muggy down here.
The drive into Cabrillo National Monument.
There is a 100 year old lighthouse on the grounds but the visit would require a long hike up a hill so we missed it.
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was the first European to set foot on the west coast of the United States - in 1542.
Because dogs weren't allowed on monument grounds, I didn't take a picture of the monument. 

Another view of the mountains, the water an the city, shrouded in that awful polution haze.
The next stop today was back up the Point Loma peninsula and then over to see Shelter Island.
Fortunate enough to see a military ship at this stop

No wonder everybody loves San Diego

Another "photo shoot" for Lexie and me.

Our lovely day was ruined when we came upon a deadly auto/motorcycle accident just after it happened.  The young man on the motorcycle had tried to beat a red light and ran into a new Cadillac -- broadside. The car's passenger side and top were crushed and the rear window was completely broken out.  The driver was a 64 year old woman who received only minor injuries but taken to the hospital. The young man on the motorcycle was lying on the asphalt and firefighters were all around.  One was kneeled down over him -- pumping on his chest.  He was lifeless and we learned later that he did not survive.  The scene was awful and one like I've never seen. 

After supper that evening we took another short ride to try to shake the thoughts of the accident.  We drove to Mission Beach and up the coastal highway to Pacific Beach and then on almost to La Jolla.  More beautiful scenery as we saw the sunset across the ocean again.
The day's last photo.

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