Sunday, March 13, 2011

ASU at Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale

Along the interstate these symbols are put
into the decorative highway concrete.

Another very warm day is expected and we opted for a few hours via car so we packed ourselves up for the short ride from Apache Junction into the metropolitan area of Phoenix.  We are both very favorably impressed with this area.

It is clean and beautiful -- even along the interstate highways.

The most common image we've seen in this area is the Kokopelli. It is a whimsical figure in Hopi Indian legends and represents a mischief making musician trickster or Minstrel, the spirit of music. This symbol is seen on everything from clothing to concrete. The photo below was taken of the side of a convenience store!



The monorail system is quiet and fast.

Southern entrance to SunDevil Stadium
Rocky cliffs are on each end of the field.
Apache Junction is only about 30 miles from Tempe and we easily found our way to Arizona State University's SunDevel Stadium.

From Tempe we drove into Phoenix and visited the grounds of the state capitol building.

Lexie doesn't remember much about walking on grass
... so she chose the little "doggie sidewalk" again

At the front of Arizona's capitol building.
And about all that pigeon poop...

He's her favorite... when he has "tweets"

Because we've never been there, we took a ride on over to Scottsdale and enjoyed a quick visit to Old Town where we apparently just missed a San Francisco Giants spring training game. We did manage to get ourselves in gametime traffic -- naturally. This place is much like the tropical cities of Palm Beach and Boca Raton in Florida that we love.

Going into Scottsdale.  The signs say this is Red Mountain. 
They are RED too -- and solid rock.

This one looked like it was making a face at me.
Doesn't every city have a Ferrari / Maserati  dealer?
In historic Old Town Scottsdale.  This place is beautiful.

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