Sunday, March 13, 2011

How Do We Find These Places

Our week of discount rates at Carefree Manor ended and our site was reserved for the following week so we began looking around for another campground. The next place simply MUST have a doggie sidewalk as the tiny sharp gravel hurt Lexie's feet and the black asphalt sealant is certainly no good. 

We found a really good rate in the remarkably clean Budget RV Campground about 3 miles east along Highway 60. It's even closer and has a still better view of the beautiful Superstition Mountain.   Notwithstanding the terribly unmarketable name of "Budget" it is a surprisingly pleasant place and is filled with some 120 or so nice motorhomes, fifth-wheels and trailers. No tents or seasonal park models.  Most importantly, there is a concrete doggie sidewalk where Lexie can trot along unconcerned about dust or sharp stones

The sign states "small pets only" which we like.
Three big dogs nearly "got" us in the Yuma park. 
I now carry pepper spray.

Entry into the campground. 
Nice and clean with gravel sites.
Looking the other direction, you can see Superstition Mountain.
You can see the narrow "doggie sidewalk" in the picture.

Thats our motorhome, third on the left, just past the Legacy fifth-wheel.
The one eye-sore for the campground.
There's more junk here than could fit in a moving van.
These folks are leaving thanks to an invitation from management.
Wonder what took them so long...

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