Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camping On The Bank of The Colorado River

For a few days, we're staying at Colorado River Oasis RV Resort in Ehrenberg, Arizona.  The Arizona / California state line follows the river.  Our campsite is steps away from the river and is pretty nice.  Ehrenberg really isn't a town at all, just an interstate exit, gas, food and a few campgrounds.  The first town inside California, Blythe, is a dreadful little place brimming with motels (can't imagine why) and is overpopulated with panhandlers. We had to go over to get to the nearest grocery store. 

Campground entry

It's not a bad campground -- all gravel but it does have some trees and a heated pool.

Note the nice little concrete "doggie sidewalk" we've come to appreciate.
Our motorcoach isn't in this picture. 

We have a little tree to shade our patio on the hot afternoons.
It seems all the campgrounds in Arizona are gravel. It's better than dirt/sand.
On this day I groomed (clipped) Lexie for the first time and didn't do too bad if I do say so myself.
As a reward, we let her gnaw on her cow's knee bone. That's it in front of her.
Directly across the road from our campground is an old pioneer cemetery that intrigued us so we stepped over to take a look.  It dates back to the 1800's and is the graveyard of many unknown pioneers -- but some graves have names.  No stones, just a few wooden nameplates held in place by rocks. 

Wayne is in his element in an old cemetery.

This blooming prickly pear cactus was the prettiest one I've seen.
It was in the cemetery.
The daytime temperatures are probably in the low 80's, usually with a pretty brisk breeze.  A walk at night requires a sweatshirt. Most days are clear and bright.  80 degrees here is much more pleasant than in the deep south due to the lack of humidity. 

We plan to have Mona's chassis lubed on Monday at a nearby service provider; then we'll move on toward California where we know we're going to pay more for EVERYTHING.

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