Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Apache Junction

After 45 days in Yuma, we had "itchy feet" and felt the need to move along. Having so much of Arizona yet to visit, we drove northward on Highway 95 and stayed overnight in Brenda, Arizona. The next morning we headed east on I-10 through Phoenix which we found to be beautiful, clean and so very scenic. The metropolitan area is huge as it took quite some time to drive through west to east to our destination: Apache Junction.

This town isn't "old" like I expected it to be.
I watch too many western movies, I suppose.

Carefree Manor Campground honors our 50% CampClubUSA discount. The streets are paved but recent resealing causes Lexie's feet, legs and underbelly to get black, but the rate is good and it's as clean as a pin.

We're on the left near the end of Happy Hour Street here in Carefree Manor. 

It's an "old folks" place.  The "adult" notation doesn't mean it's X-rated.
 You've gotta  be at least 55 years old to stay here. 
The pool is heated so we like it.
The first day we took a day drive east on Highway 60 to see Queen Valley, an oasis in the desert valley.  The terrain is very different from Yuma and there is less dust and more desert growth. 
That's the Superstition Mountain Range in the background.
The plant life here is beautiful.
Typical yards here contain cactus.
Looks strange to a southerner.  No grass anywhere.
We drove through Gold Canyon. 
Haven't seen this sign much.  But it's pretty standard 'round here.

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