Monday, October 18, 2010

The Week At Chewacla State Park

Auburn requests all tailgaters depart the university property on Sunday following the game on Saturday so we loaded the coach and moved to nearby Chewacla State Park midday.  Half of the parks campsites are on a reservation system (years in advance, of course) and the rest are on "first come" basis. We were assigned site #25 and settled in around noon.  In a few minutes, an older fellow, wearing an Auburn shirt, but not a smile, came to our door.  Wayne gave him the usual "War Eagle" greeting but didn't get one in return. Seems the campground attendant assigned this site to both of us.  I know the man was upset by the way he spoke and he was with a group of other folks all in this immediate area.  We would have moved if we had been asked to do so, but we were not so we didn't.  Several other of the group have spoken to us, but I have a feeling of being "unwelcome" in their midst.  Oh well,  you don't think I care do you?   Nodda chance.

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