Friday, October 22, 2010

Fort Benning and the Infantry Museum

We loaded up on Wednesday morning and went to Fort Benning with Tom and DJ.  Losing an hour going into Georgia (Eastern time), we arrived with only one hour before closing time so we didn't get to see everything in the museum. We made the most of our short time and hope to get back again to finish the exhibits.

The new museum was dedicated in June 2009
by "then great American" and former Joint Chief of Staff, Colin Powell

The last 100 yards belong to the US Army Infantry

Never forget our Prisoners of War
and our Missing In Action Veterans

The exhibits were authentic and inspiring

Each displayed "soldier" was created from
the cast of a real Infantry soldier who trained at Ft Benning. 

Wayne is reading about "Becoming An Officer" in Officer Candidate School.
He's much too old to enlist and begin his Army career again, don't you think?

Parade grounds

Medal of Honor

DJ has participated (jumping, no less) in a military setting. 
She's pointing to a tiny soldier seen in the picture of the jump towers.
I think she's wanting to go again...


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