Friday, October 22, 2010

Fort Benning: Touring the Parachute Jump Training Areas

Well we would not complete our tour of Ft. Benning without almost getting into trouble.  When the museum closed we rode around to the parachute jump towers. Tom had trained here in 1968 and knew just where to go.  DJ and I anxiously awaited opportunities to use our cameras. She's a more avid photographer than me but had forgotten to bring her best camera and was relegated to using an older model.  Nevertheless, we had our windows down and our finger on the shutter button -- looking for photo ops. It didn't take long...

It's okay to take a picture of an obsolete airplane

It's not okay to take close up pictures of the soldiers.

It's also "not okay" to take a picture of the parachute training exercises. There were no signs saying so. 
But that Officer said absolutely "no" with his arms waving while he spoke.

But it's hard to stop us once we get started.  So we just took pictures from the car window.
This was a real thrill for me to see.

You can't throw us out... We're leaving!
Jump tower up close.

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