Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Leak!

Arrrgggg!  Leaks are the angst of every RV'er. 

Several weeks ago, in late July actually, during a day of heavy rain, I found the bottom shelf in one of the medicine cabinets to be wet. I had a bottled water on an upper shelf and assumed it had leaked. After drying the wet shelf, I replaced everything and didn't think much more about it.
About three weeks ago Wayne noticed a musty smell near the shower.  We looked but couldn't find the source of the musty smell, which went away the next day.  We were starting to worry about what might be happening that we couldn't see...

Early this week, during the torrential rain we had at Gettysburg, we found the source of the moisture -- and there was plenty of it.  The ceiling around the shower/vanity vent pipe had water drops!  With a flashlight we could see water dripping and running down onto the bottom shelf of the medicine cabinet. From there it was going behind the low area wall mirror, along the side of the vanity and onto the floor.

We used our big ole ugly blue tarp to cover the roof until the rain stopped.  We learned how to make the necessary repairs and these pictures are of Wayne making those repairs. 

Getting ready to "Get 'Er Done!"

Job complete!
Go Handyman! 

He's getting so good at this stuff.

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