Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Great Electrical Scare

Our visit to Morro Bay lasted ten days.  There were about three unseasonably hot days and with meager 30 amp campground power service, we were happy to see cool temperatures return.  The local seafood had been delightful and I enjoyed walking down the street to the farmers market held every Saturday afternoon. Morro Bay is on my list of good places to visit for sure.

A few frightful minutes were had on Sunday afternoon when an electrical problem developed in the power lines above where we walked the dogs -- just outside the campground gate.  I felt a buzzing in my hair and looked up to see a blue electrical charge running along a power line.  The charge reached the point of blaze and then a thunderous boom occurred.  Someone said that was St. Elmo's Fire..... Within seconds, it all started again and then over and over and over.

I gathered Lexie and Ozzie into my arms and took the long way back to the coach. The electrical sizzles and booms kept coming. A crowd gathered to watch and among them I saw Wayne who had heard the sound and gone to look for us.  The sizzling and booming kept on until the power company arrived, shut down power and made the repair -- 2-3 hours I think it took.


The worst of it all, however, was the effect this incident had on Ozzie, who is easily frighted by sound.  The remaining seven days of our stay, Ozzie simply would not return to that area.  Doing "doggie business" became a bit of a problem as he would only go among the campers -- a practice not appreciated by others, I'm sure, even though we promptly "scooped the poop".

We won't likely forget that event for quite awhile.

Awww, I can't post a picture of Ozzie and not post a picture of sweet Lexie....

Lexie is terrified of people but was not disturbed by the electrical scare. 

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