Friday, May 16, 2014

Flu Times Two.

Having influenza is the pits. Both of us having it at the same time is downright loathsome. That's what happened and it was not a pretty sight. That television ad about "what happens in Las Vegas staying in Las Vegas" proved even less true when it comes to getting the flu.

Two days after reaching Riverside, California, Wayne began to complain with a cold.  After a few days taking zinc lozenges and acquiring a few more symptoms, it was clear that he was coming down with the dreaded flu. To this day, he remains convinced he caught it from a "hacking and wheezing" woman he saw in Las Vegas.

Adding insult to injury, our campsite at Rancho Jurupa was only available for three days... meaning we had to relocate. We moved to Mission RV Park in the Loma Linda / Redlands area. The site was available for us as long as we needed it. Wayne felt well enough to make the 30 minute drive in the coach, while I drove the car. He got us settled into the new site but it was clear he was not well. Fortunately, our new campground was situated near the pharmacy and grocery store.

Our second evening at Mission RV, I felt some pain in my face but thought it might be an allergic reaction to the ligustrum japonicum I'd seen in the park.  During the night my legs began to ache and fever followed. I had the flu too.

Heaping on the anguish, unseasonably warm southern California temperatures skyrocketed into the 90's that week and the afternoon sun blazed down onto the coach's front window causing all three air conditioners to run non-stop until late evening. Walking Lexie and Ozzie on hot asphalt was just not happening so we had to carry them to the nearest shady place to do their business and the frequency of their outings was cut back from six to just four walks a day.  Between dog walks, I slept... on the couch.... on the bed.... nearly anywhere I sat, I slept.

Recovery took two full weeks. Wayne managed much better than me and was well enough to do grocery shopping while I was still sleeping most of the day.  As a matter of fact, as of this mid-May writing, I continue to have some a deep nagging cough, frequent headaches, lethargy and occasional sore throat.

But this too shall pass... I'm sure of it. In time.

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