Friday, May 16, 2014

Morro Bay, California: Easy To Find, Hard To Leave

When we were finally recovered sufficiently from our visit with "The LA Flu Devil" we promptly left Southern California and traveled north on U.S. 101 to Morro Bay, about 15 miles northwest of San Luis Obispo, almost halfway between LA and San Francisco.

Morro Rock - Morning View.
Morro Bay is easily recognized by Morro Rock, the "Gibraltar of the Pacific" and a California registered historical landmark. The rock was an important navigational landmark for 300 years, chronicled in navigational dairies dating to 1769. It is the last in a chain of nine peaks that start in San Luis Obispo.

Morro Bay
We've stumbled upon this wonderful coastal town by sheer luck. Without so much as a recommendation, found ourselves in the small family owned Cypress Morro Bay RV (and Mobile Home Park) Campground just three short blocks from the beach. It's just what we needed!  The afternoon air was quite cool when we arrived and it was such a welcome feel after the abysmal heat at the Redlands.

Morro Rock - Sunset View.
Morro Bay is a "relaxers paradise" with delightful beaches and a nice bay. The chamber of commerce boasts the area as "easy to find and hard to leave" and I can believe it.  The town is tiny and younger than me by more than 10 years.  There's a waterfront area loaded with seafood of every sort and a great variety of waterside dining establishments, both indoor and outside.
One of several seals that came close to our table at lunch last Saturday. 
Seals are plentiful in Morro Bay, splashing in the water, clamoring onto the rocks and barking at anyone who might toss a fish to them, though feeding them is against the law.  We sometimes can hear their bark late in the night after we're in bed.

Most of the beaches here allow dogs too, which we like even though Lexie and Ozzie don't do much beach running....

We'll stay on here for awhile before moving north.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the flu especially when it got both of you - looks like you've found a good place to complete your recovery.