Tuesday, August 6, 2013

And Into Toronto We Go!

Summer's heat remained relentless the day we drove south from Birch Run, Michigan on I-75 south through Flint, then west on I-69 toward the Canadian Border. The temperature gauge reached into the mid 90's.
The St Clair River Bridge
This border crossing into Canada is along the St. Clair River. It took about 45 minutes to get through this time and the process went smoothly enough.  Lines crossing the border, both ways, were long and slow moving.

Way back in the 1950's, when Wayne was a wee lad, he and his family lived in Toronto for a couple of years. Part of our reason to even attempt this visit is to try to get close enough to his old home to take a trip down memory lane. 

Welcome To Toronto - Canada's Mega City!

The whole leg of travel northeast toward Toronto was fraught with difficulties. The approach itself was a mass of traffic congestion.  Horrors.

Through the windshield

Several hours after this photo was taken, we reached the campground we had chosen but not made reservations. It was much later than we had planned to arrive. It was a Friday evening and we were welcomed to stay for a single night but were told, in no uncertain terms, that the site was  reserved for Saturday night. Note to self:  Canadians (especially those around metropolitan areas) love summer weekend camping.  Campgrounds are always full, every weekend. 

The next morning, we drove back along this same route. Fortunately we did manage to miss a good bit on Friday's rush hour traffic. We'll move along to Ottawa to check our luck there. It can't get worse than this.

The moral of this story is that all our loafing isn't fun or easy. We face our share of bad days too.


  1. That traffic just gives me a stomach ache. I hate going anywhere near cities. Good luck on your quest for a campground.

  2. What a traffic nightmare. At least you were able to stay 1 night in that campground so that was fortunate. Hope you find a nice place to camp.