Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Potato Treats For Lexie and Ozzie

From the very beginning, Wayne has been the feeder of Lexie and Ozzie.

I do not feed them; I'm really not allowed, he does. Period. 

There is a reason for this arrangement.  Wayne has a way with animals -- they love him naturally.  

Not so with me. I have to earn the love of pets.  I don't know why that is true, but it is. My "feelings" are not hurt.

But things are different with Lexie and Ozzie.

EVERYTHING is different with Lexie and Ozzie -- I expect that's because they have such an unusual and bad history. 

Ozzie is particularly a "Momma's Boy". 

And Lexie, dear sweet, weird little Lexie.  I held her so much during the first year, she probably grew to believe we were attached.

I held her when we rode in the car and the coach. I held her when we relaxed in the evenings and she slept in the nightstand drawer on my side of the bed.

That's why Wayne began the feeding routine. He said it was the only "bonding opportunity" he had.

It worked.

Lexie now will go to him before she comes to me.  He loves it.

he discovers new treats that get his seal of approval.

Their food is holistic and he reads the labels.  As of this writing, they are eating Wellness Small Breed. He buys it in the largest bag.                    
But I digress.

So recently Wayne discovered both Lexie and Ozzie would eat bites of baked sweet potato.

Soon they began looking to him any time he went to the kitchen counter.

They think it's time for sweet potato.

On this particular evening, just before he began the sweet potato snack, I grabbed the camera and stood behind him.

They were so cute gobbling up the sweet potato treats!

I cropped the photos and added captions. I posted them all on Facebook.  Now they are posted here for us to see occasionally.

Such terrific little dogs.

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