Friday, April 13, 2012

Feels Just Like I'm Walking On Broken Glass....

The "dime" sized chip in Endie's windshield, created by a flying rock along I-10, was a minor annoyance compared to the shattered window we received this week from the campground's lawn service.

Mowers, edgers, blowers and other outdoor noisemakers are among Wayne's greatest peeves. Before he retired, it seemed the lawn service workers were always around our house when he was home for lunch and he always complained -- to me... not to them.   But I digress.

Sitting at the computer Wednesday morning I could hear the hum of the edger and the roar of the lawnmower.  I like the sound. It comforts me to know that somebody is working out there.

Suddenly I began hearing what sounded like scratching. I checked Lexie and Ozzie only to find them both sound asleep.  The scratching continued for a few minutes more but I didn't continue to look for the source of the sound. When Wayne came into the coach, he immediately saw the window. That's what was making that scratching sound? Yup. The stone hit the window but did not break complete through it -- it's shatterproof.  Instead, the scratching sound was the thousands of tiny breaks in the window. 

Here's the final result of the scratching.
This is how it looks from the inside.  Beautiful. Almost like a stained glass window without the stain.
It looks like this from the outside.
The lawnmower operator was still nearby and he was heartbroken (or appeared to be) when I told him what happened.  Within an hour the owner of the company stopped by to assure us that he or his insurance would replace the damage. 
The operator of the "devil" mower that hates our coach.
Poor guy was heartsick.  Turned out he had already gotten another window today. 

Thursday afternoon a glass company representative came by to take measurements for the replacement window.  Shatterproof glass cannot be cut like standard glass. It must be manufactured in the exact dimensions.  This will take 7-10 days. Oh boy.

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