Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malibu to Fort Hueneme

Having never been to Malibu, we took a drive through Malibu Canyon to the beach.  The mountainous ride was lovely. Once again, the temperatures were near perfect if not a bit on the cool side.

I'm crossing my fingers that "the big one" doesn't come about now...

The Malibu Pier

Paul J. Getty was a famous industrialist, founder of Getty Oil and was at one time named the"richest living man in America" by Fortune Magazine.   This is Getty Villa.  It's a museum of sorts.

We ate lunch at Palisades Park.
Yes, that song stuck in my brain for the remainder of the day. 

Walking Lexie at Palisades Park.

I don't remember where this was but I thought it was pretty.
We drove all the way up to Fort Hueneme, almost to Ventura before returning to the campground.  This was our last outing for the LA area visit.  Oh yes, these are new record highs for fuel we saw today:

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