Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Trip to Big Bear Lake at 7200'

Big Bear Lake is in the northeast section of the San Bernadino National Forest high atop one of the peaks in the San Gabriel Mountain range. Snow had fallen on the mountains over the weekend before our ride up and we were excited to see it.  Neighbor campers told us the main road to Big Bear Lake was closed for construction and that snow chains would be required if the snow's accumulation was still on the roadways to the area.

At Highlands, we stopped for gas and nearly had to "float" a loan to pay for it.
We're glad our little car is 4 cylinder.
It was fairly warm and sunny when we left Rancho Jurupa in Rubidoux Village but by the time we stopped at Highlands for gas we noticed the temperatures were cooler.  We had already ascended a bit going up into the mountains.

At our first photo stop we could see the dreadful smog hanging above the valley.  

Waterman Canyon view.
Our first opportunity to photograph the snow capped mountains.
And the first opportunity for Lexie to take a little "pee pee" run.

Mountain climber?  Great explorer?
Nah... just an ole guy.
The drive along here is called "Rim of the World" for good reason.
Yep, that's the road we traveled a few minutes before.

Long before this picture was taken we had driven into the snow.
Light at first but soon we were in good amounts. 
The temperature is warm and along with the sunshine, it's melting the snow pretty quickly.

We found Big Bear City to be a quaint town; mostly built around snow ski and snow board activities for winter visitors and boating activities for summer guests.  The lake itself isn't all that big or beautiful -- but nice in that it is there in the mountains.  Most of the homes are small-ish in size and typical for a snow resort town.  To me, it is reminiscent of a tourist area in the 1960's.  It's elevation is well over 7,200 feet!
Lexie's first encounter with snow.
She was not amused.
From Big Bear Lake we continued our ride to Baldwin Lake. It was not pretty and the terrain around it was dry and flat.  Returning around Big Bear's northern shore, through Fawnskin, California, we got this very nice view of Big Bear Lake.

...sure can't beat this scenery.

The community of Fawnskin is on the northern coast of Big Bear Lake. That's where we stopped in this spot for a quick break.  We searched the skies but didn't see any eagle -- but we did get some good views ...again.

The view looking from the northern shore of Big Bear Lake.

Occasionally we take short breaks; both for ourselves and for Lexie.  Here she's sticking out her tongue.


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