Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rancho Jurupa Regional Campground at Rubidoux near Riverside, California

The best weather available to us for the next few days is in the Los Angeles area where it won't be perfect, but it won't be as bad as some of the other places that interests us.  For the next few days we're at a Riverside County Regional Campground called Rancho Jurupa (the "J" is silent).  It is in Rubidoux Village within the area of Riverside, California.  It is a beautiful campground; two sections -- one is older and more mature with dirt roads. We opted for the newer section with paved streets; it's referred to as the "Cottonwood" campground.
The city of Riverside is really pretty.

Ribidoux Village is named for Louis Rubidoux and it's in what's known as the Jurupa Valley.
I'll have to learn more about Louis Rubidoux.

At the entry to the park.

The guardhouse check-in station.

That's us right in the middle.  This campground is called "Cottonwood" -- named for the cottonwood trees.
The grass is lush and thick and the sites here are huge.
Mountains are all around.

Lots of concrete and "doggie sidewalks" for Lexie's walking enjoyment. Mine too since I have to keep her clean.
The lighted building at the end of the street is part of the park, but I'm not sure what it is.

I took this picture our first morning while walking Lexie.
The mountain is beautiful..

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