Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Snowbird Route

The University of Georgia's football team came to Auburn the weekend we arrived. A lively game was expected and both teams surely delivered. It's always nice to spend time here as it's so much like home to us. 

Awhile back we made a dental appointment for Lexie at Auburn University Vet School.  We are concerned about her slightly enlarged right atria found two years ago and we want to get a comparative image to see if it's worsening. 

Ozzie and Pop sport their college logo clothes.
More good stuff!  Auburn pulled off a miracle win against Georgia and Lexie's heart condition has not worsened. Furthermore, the luxating patella seems to have miraculously dissapeared!  There's no sign of it! Such good news.  Her dental cleaning was a bit complicated, though, as she had to have yet another tooth extracted (making a total of 11 missing teeth now), but her anesthesia and dental cleaning went well.

Our sweet Lexie the evening after her dental.
Her little right leg was shaved for her IV.
She's still groggy and has a real dirty face after the procedure.
Wayne reconnected with one of his old Auburn friends this year who stopped by the campground for a short visit.  We look forward to seeing him again next year.

Tommy Weathers and Wayne 
We left Auburn before the Iron Bowl (Auburn v. Alabama) weekend as our campsite was reserved as they all are, every year, years and years in advance.  It's the Iron Bowl after all.  Surprisingly, Auburn will defeat 'Bama, go on to win the SEC Championship and play for the National Championship against the undefeated Florida State Seminoles.  Whew! 

Just before Thanksgiving we arrived at Alliance Coach in Wildwood for the repairs and adjustments to the coach.  Generally, we keep a list of things to have checked, repaired and adjusted when we're in this area or near Coburg, Oregon or when we're in Indiana. 

But once again, the Alliance Coach experience would prove disappointing when on the second day, our technician became ill and our work stopped. Egads.  Frustrated, we paid for the single item they repaired, the steps, and then left for a long weekend with friends at Paradise Oaks Campground in nearby Bushnell, Florida.

The visit at Paradise Oaks seemed to work miracles on our psyche. Parked beside our good friends, Pam and Joe Wilkins, we relaxed, ate good food, strolled the dogs, enjoyed a nice view and played a few games with the campground regulars. After a couple of days, Wayne suggested we give Alliance another go with the repairs. Hummmm.
Lexie and Ozzie like romping with their many dog friends at Paradise Oaks
And so, on the following Tuesday we returned to Alliance to restart the repair process but we couldn't get our work started. The second day our service advisor became quite ill and would be out for several days. Days are turning to weeks and we've fallen between the cracks again, it seems. Finally we managed to get the repair to the damaged bay door underway and get the roof resealed.  We won't be returning to Alliance Coach.

The final buffing of the new door finish. 

An anxious RV'er who's ready to move along now. 
After an exasperating nine days at Alliance Coach Service Center we completed approximately 20 hours of work on three of the seven repair items. But at least we are ready to roll again. The remaining repair items will wait for another time and place.

I think even Lexie and Ozzie are anxious to get away from Wildwood. Here they are in their Auburn shirt and dress after the SEC Championship game.

So finally Endie gets fired up and ready to roll on into south Florida. 


  1. Good info on Alliance. They are nearby and we had thought of using them, but you are the second person I have heard give a bad review. The other one also had a problem with the tech becoming "sick". Guess we'll stick with Lazy Days.

    and no, I am not a robot

  2. I feel your pain - the dealer had my coach for nearly 2 months, brought it home on 12/24 and taking it back today. The dogs look really cute - it sure is a good year to be am Auburn fan, I think they have found their coach. I'll be rooting for them.