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Christmas 2013 In South Florida

During the third week of December we left Alliance Coach and made a beeline to our respite at Seminole Campground in North Fort Myers. We arrived late in the afternoon of Wednesday, December 18th. This sweet little privately owned campground served as our haven from winter's cold last year and we've really been looking forward to our time there again.
Our campsite at Seminole Campground in North Fort Myers, Florida
Before our departure last March, the staff at Seminole Campground asked us to provide, in order of preference, the sites we'd like to reserve this year. Our first choice wasn't available, but our second was and we like it very much. It's directly behind the rec hall which can be noisy, but near to our friends and the noise never goes late into the night anyway.  There's a big Live Oak tree limb that juts out into the site that causes it to be less desirable for some, but we'll use the great added length to our advantage and make a banquet hall in the space behind the rig. There's a sidewalk along the road side that serves as a good dog walk for Lexie and Ozzie.
Charlie, Joyce, Linda, me, Wayne and Dale (Left to right) sitting in the banquet hall area.
Linda and Dale had been here for several weeks already.  Charlie and Joyce arrived a day or two before us. It was especially nice to have this small welcoming committee who greeted us with hugs and smiles.  So very much appreciated after the headaches of the "repairs gone wrong" at Alliance Coach.

Linda and Dale have a new Smart Car. I couldn't resist getting this "illusions" photo.
The weather was warm when we arrived and we enjoyed days horsing around in the sparsely occupied campground.

Wayne with Lexie and Ozzie.
The odd, twisted Live Oaks make an inviting arch of Christmas lights. 
Those who follow our travel know that we're not particularly festive when it comes to holidays. Being with friends and having Seminole Campground's Christmas decorations everywhere provided a good bit of holiday spirit though.  It's made this holiday season quite memorable. A potluck dinner was held Christmas Day and a good crowd attended.
Beside one of the many Seminole Campground Christmas trees with Joyce.

On the Saturday before Christmas, Linda and Dale flew to Ohio for a family visit. Charlie, Joyce Wayne and I went to Carrabba's for Christmas Eve dinner.  The food was good and being with friends was great!

My Christmas Eve dinner of planked salmon and asparagus.  Delicious! 
The weekend after Christmas, our friend Donna (manager of the Nashville Tennessee campground where we stay) arrived with her husband and some friends for a few days in Key West. Lexie, Ozzie, Wayne and I played host to Donna's young puppy, Molly, for three days and two nights while they are away.

To our surprise, Donna brought Christmas gifts for Lexie and Ozzie from Molly.  Ozzie's J.Crew box and Lexie's Victoria's Secret box contained beautiful monogrammed blankets that Donna had made specially for them.
Lexie and Ozzie's new Christmas blankets.
Thanks Molly!  xoxo 
After Christmas our beautiful (albeit humid) South Florida weather turned bad as cold air came in with a vengeance.  Fears grew for our friends who would be driving in snow and some blizzard conditions.  Finally they began arriving just after New Years Day.  Rick and Louise pulled in and got their rig set up but left the  next morning to visit with Louise's aging parents in Tampa. A day later, Fran and Mary arrived with their OSD (Obsessive Squirrel Disorder) Cocker Spaniel, Zoey.  Mark and Janie pulled in as a caravan with truck, fifth-wheel, golf cart and Janie in the car. Ken and Nancy pulled up the rear, getting in way after dark on one of the coldest days we've had so far this year.  Burrrr.

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