Monday, October 29, 2012

The Auburn v Texas A and M Game: Not Really A Game At All.

Auburn University, Alabama - Temperature High 60's, Low 40's  Auburn will attempt a second season win tonight against the Texas A and M Aggies.  We're here to cheer the Tigers on but realistically, we know it will be a long shot. 

The temperature dropped all through the day and clouds have moved in but we don't expect rain.

We took Auburn's Tiger Transit from the intersection of Woodfield and Donahue streets to witness "Tiger Walk" at Jordan Hare Stadium.  We rode with a nice crowd of Aggie fans and one really obnoxious 'Bama fan who insisted on belting a big "roll tide" every few minutes. 

The 'Bama fan received no response from either the Auburn or Aggie fans.  The bus took a very long route but the ride was comfortable and enjoyable with the exception of the 'Bama fool who surely couldn't find her way to the "capstone" else she would have been there, wouldn't she?  Or did she just come to Auburn to show her team spirit?  Wayne was courteous to her, as he always is, when she asked foolish questions to him, addressing him merely as  "Hey, Auburn fan"....  

A bus full of Aggie fans, three Auburn fans and a lone 'Bama fan.

Once off the Tiger Transit, we still had quite a walk around to Gate #10 where the players would enter the stadium.

Walking through the dorm area approaching Jordan Hare stadium on the way to the Tiger Walk.

Wayne is in his glory here.
Naturally a crowd was already assembled but we got a fair place where we could almost see the tops of the player's heads as they filed by.  All the while, the band played the usual spirited pieces and cheerleaders shouted through their giant megaphones.

Despite our long history with Auburn, this would be our first Tiger Walk and I wondered why.  When we ran upon this poster of the history of Tiger Walk, I was reminded that this "rite of passage" was still a fairly new phenomenon.

I was glad to be here even though I was embarrassed that Coach Gene Chizik did receive a low roar of "boo's" when he walked by.  I hated that for him. 

"Tiger Walk" from a distance

Being around Jordan Hare Stadium is exciting and Wayne really enjoys himself while we're there.  He doesn't enjoy going to night games though, so we'll watch the game from the comfort of home. 

We decided to walk back to the car rather than walk in the opposite direction to take Tiger Transit back to the car. The breeze really picked up while we were on campus and the temperature continued to drop. 

The walk back to the car was straight out Donahue.  We enjoyed seeing plenty of revelry and several drunken fans on both sides. 

A little too much drink going on here.  This crowd is here for every game.
They have a microphone and they direct their own pep rally with the crowds walking to the stadium.

Returning to the coach, we found Lexie and Ozzie had found and destroyed an entire pad of scratch paper, including several important papers I was working on. This means they had found their way from their window sill to the kitchen table and my work station.  Ozzie had put two of his toys in his bed... I think to take the blame for the mischief.

Moments before we found the mess the furkids had made
Not surprisingly, Auburn lost to the Aggies and the mood around Auburn, the campus and the campground is not real good.  


  1. Good morning Wayne,

    I am a Georgia fan but I come in peace. Let me first say that I found your blog while researching where to park this weekend. You are living my retirement dream. I am 33 so I have a good ways to go but I love what you guys are doing.

    My question was about the Auburn vs. Georgia game. I have a pop up camper and was thinking about bringing it and spending the night on Saturday. Would I be allowed to park in the area where you guys park? Any advise would be much appreciated.



  2. Thanks for visiting our travel blog, Tony. Your Dawgs are likely going to dine on Tiger come Saturday night. Nevertheless, we welcome you to Auburn, the lovliest village on the plain. Beginning on Wednesday afternoon (2 pm I think), several open hayfields open up to tailgaters and campers. The place we like is directly across from the Jule Collins Art Museum on College Street. If you look back in the blog, I've posted three previous entries that include pictures to help give a better idea of what to expect. The hayfield triangle made by College, Donahue and Woodfield Streets makes up a large area that's available free of charge. You can use generators for your power and a "honey wagon" will fill and empty your tanks for a fee. You'll have plenty of Georgia Bulldog company as I'm sure you are well aware. If you have any other questions, let me know and do check back for the earlier October posts.

  3. Thanks so much Wayne. I have been to a couple of games at Auburn and have always had a good time. Will the lots fill up by Saturday morning? I could always come in Friday night but Wednesday is out of the question with my work schedule.

    Thanks again and we look forward to the trip.

  4. As I read through more of the blog it became quite clear that the writing seems to be done by Antionette so let me add a thank you to you as we'll for the blog and the advise.


  5. There should be a crowd by Saturday morning, but I'm sure you'll still have a very good selection of spots from which to choose. For the Aggie game, two weekends ago (also a night game), there was still plenty of space on Saturday. I recommend you come in on Friday night if possible though so you'll have all day Saturday to enjoy eating, visiting, playing games and watching tv. Don't worry if you don't have portable tv satelite, there are always plenty of fans willing to share. Oh yes, in case you don't have a bathroom in your pop-up, there are lots of porta-potties.

  6. We are coming down Friday night. Thanks again for the information.