Sunday, October 28, 2012

Auburn Tailgating In A Losing Season

Auburn, Alabama - Temperature Daytime Highs 80s, Night 60's - The Auburn faithful began arriving to tailgate as usual on Thursday afternoon but the crowd is noticeably thinner. Each day we take a drive around town and through campus.  This is how things looked this afternoon.

The entrance to the Fish Biodiversity Lab area of the hayfield coming in off College Avenue... just before the Woodfield Drive intersection. Two years ago, during a Champion season, on Thursday afternoon, this lot was filled to near capacity.

Another hayfield between College and Donahue... again, lots of unsaved tailgating space.

Some of the Auburn loyal fans have made their usual private tailgate party areas.

Another view of the College Street entrance to the hayfields

The RV spaces are available at 2 pm on Thursday before home games.
I took this picture to share with a blog reader who plans to make an inaugural tailgate visit to Auburn next year.  

The plight of the Auburn oak trees is well known. For generations, the live oaks at the Toomers Corner intersection have been rolled with toilet paper the night after an Auburn win.  It's a stupid ritual and not good for the trees but it's always done. 

A couple of years ago, a mentally deranged 'Bama fan (and I use the word "fan" loosly here) poisoned the trees and it's likely they will not survive despite the best efforts to save them.  This is how one of them looks this year.  Not dead, but not really living either.  This is the part of college football that worries me. 

One of Auburn's dying old oak trees at near dusk

Partial view of Jordan-Hare football stadium

One of the most treasured buildings at Auburn is Samford Hall.
Wayne's parents met on the rear steps of this building.  How romantic is that?  

We're hopeful for the best but prepared for the worst for the game against Texas A and M on Saturday night.  Without regard to football, Auburn is a lovely village.

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  1. I was just reviewing my 11/11 posts & was wondering if you guys headed back to Auburn! So sad to see the trees continue to deteriorate. :(