Monday, October 8, 2012

Autumn In The South... Relax And Sigh

Our mad dash across the Midwest began to wind down with a three day stop on the Indiana side of the Ohio River.  Horseshoe Bend Campground at Leavenworth was our destination.  It is almost impossible to reach -- at the end of a one-lane, uphill, winding road across at least one spring.  The final one-quarter mile to the entrance was so treacherous, in fact, that I drove the car ahead of Wayne in the coach, got out every 50 yards or so, to guide him through the curves, ditches and overhanging limbs and power lines.

We found the campground to be worth the trouble. Alone, except for a few vacant weekender units, our site was along the riverbank, quiet and rural.  Between us and the river, a few trees shaded the coach from the hottest sun of the day.  A large grassy field lay on the other side and a great wooded mountain beyond that.

It was here in this setting that we did the unthinkable:  We unleashed Lexie and Ozzie.  It was my idea, but Wayne reluctantly agreed. We knew Lexie would follow Ozzie, who would come to us when we called.  The experiment turned out so well that we would take them out without leashes for several more walks while we were there.  It almost brought tears to my eyes to see little Lexie following Ozzie.  So sweet. I don't know why but I didn't take a single photo while we were at this terrific place. 

We would have stayed longer at Horseshoe Bend if we'd been able to get a signal for the computer.  We're in process of making appointments for our annual medical checkups and a computer is a necessary evil for that project.  We're also looking to have the electric toilet flush apparatus repaired and we'll need the computer to locate a Thetford dealer for that.  We moved along the third morning.

We spent the next night at Optimist Park Campground in the a little town of Vine Grove near Fort Knox, Kentucky.  The afternoon we arrived, we visited the General Patton Museum near there but found it to be in its very early stages, sparsely furnished with little authentic memorabilia. 

Fort Knox. Cameras are not allowed on the property.
Visitors are not given gold samples. Drat.

From the George Patton Museum.  I think Wayne said this is one of his uniforms.
Pearl handled pistols were in the museum.... but not the real ones.  The movie prop ones. Egad.  

The grounds of the Patton Museum had several large guns and tanks.

The furkids and I enjoyed strolling outside while Wayne visited the museum.

Fall is in the air and we feel it. The tree covered mountains are green, rust and yellow. This is a wonderful time of year to be in the south and we like camping in the woods, building campfires and walking in the leaves.  Those who know me know I become obsessed with finding dead wood for my campfires. It's just not the same with those purchased bundles of firewood.

This is Columbus Day Weekend and we're at Moutardier Corp of Engineers Campground on Nolin Lake River near Leichfield, Kentucky.  We had one night of steady rain but three days of sunshine.
Our campsite at Montardier Campground

An afternoon outdoors.

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