Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Sisters Are Covered In Snow!

Some of us learn things the hard way. After suffering through the cold damp weather in Oregon last June, what did we do this year?  Return to Oregon in June. 

We're in Redmond, Oregon right now. It's about 12 miles from Bend and is nice; bustling with commerce.  I need some shopping relief after being in teensie-weensie John Day will take full advantage...

After a very cold and windy afternoon when we arrived here, we awoke to much more agreeable weather and a fabulous view of fresh snow on the mountain peaks of the Cascade Range to our west. Clear views of  Mount Jefferson (10,497 ft elev), the three Sisters and Broken Top.  Last night's snow closed McKenzie Pass, one of the major routes from the east side of the Cascades to Eugene and the Oregon coast. We're excited at the prospect of seeing fresh snow.


After stopped for coffee at one of the many zillion Dutch Brothers Coffee shacks (this one in lovely Redmond) and took Oregon Highway 126 east to Sisters, a small touristy community named for the three Sisters mountains.

After seeing Sisters (the town), we drove west on Oregon Highway #242 as far as we could go before being turned back. This road, in the best of conditions, accommodates nothing over 28 feet in length.  We did not encounter any snow or extreme cold. The day was, in fact, simply beautiful.

We're in Deschutes National Forest

The three Sisters.  (Left to right south, middle and north Sister)
 I'm amazed to see snow covered mountains and green pasture in the same picture.  Beautiful.
This one shows Broken Top (far left), and all three Sisters.

It's easy to see we're on a Scenic  Byway.

And great Ponderosa Pine

Mount Jefferson all dressed up in white too.

Our lunch stop. In Sisters. Good burgers and fries.  Pricey though.

This one was taken on the road from Sisters to Bend.
The terrain here shows the high desert grasses in the foreground.
At Bend we stopped in at Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a warming pad for Lexie and Ozzie's bed. Their old ones have stopped working and we want them to sleep warm. 

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  1. We've been told that June is the most wretched month in Oregon. It's FREEZING here in Portland with crazy weather. Hail one day, pouring rain the next. The word from the natives is starting in July it's amazing...